News (Asian Indoor Games)

The Asian Indoor Games is a great event of the Olympic Council of Asia. The previous President of APF has liaised to include Powerlifting into the Asian Indoor Games. Unfortunately it was removed from the lists of events.

While it is important for Powerlifting to be recognized by AOC and be included in the Asian Indoor Games, our President, Mr Farshid Soltani has made a great effort to get a chance to enter the game. He had 2 important meetings recently with Olympic Committee

1st Meeting:

Mr Farshid Soltani visited U.A.E and met members of the National Olympic Committee. He reported the statistical data of Powerlifting activities worldwide and in Asia. He persuaded members to include powerlifting in the Asian Indoor Games.

U.A.E National Olympic committee will support Powerlifting and will write to OCA regarding this issue.

2nd Meeting on Feburary 21, 2016:

Mr Farshid Soltani had a meeting with the Secretary General of Iran’s National Olympic Committee, Mr.Shahnazi.

Mr Shahnazi will write to Ministry of Sports of Turkmenistan indicating support for Powerlifting to enter the Asian Indoor Games. He agreed to look into the sports carefully.

Coming meeting:

Mr Shahnazi will meet the Japanese ambassador to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Japan Olympic Committee next week for this matter.Mr Soltani will attend the meeting and try his effort to persuade Japan to work on the same line.

Mr Soltani would request the joint effort of all country members to work towards the acceptance into the Asian Indoor Games. Members should contact their NOC and solicit NOC’s support for Powerlifting to be included in the Asian Indoor Games



Ms Josephine Ip

Interim Secretary

Asian Powerlifting Federation