IPF President Gaston Parage’s Visit

IPF President Gaston Parage visited Kazakhstan National Classic and Equipped Benchpress Championships which was held in Almaty from 2nd till 8th of March 2017. There was an organized special educational anti-doping seminar for coaches and lifters with WADA and KAZ NADO representative Maira Bakasheva. IPF President mentioned that such education is very important especially when it starts from the national level and all lifters and coaches have such special knowlegde. The anti-doping seminar covered a broad range of topics, from the rules and anti-doping code, to its influence on sports. All coaches must guide and educate their lifters to stay away and say no to doping and be attentive for every medicine/supplement that may include prohibited substances.

A referee clinic was also organized for all coaches and referees. Vladimir Novosselov, Roman Kovalev and Igor Shilov as Technical Chairman of Kazakhstan National Powerlifting Federation presented all the new updates in the IPF Technical Rules and IPF Constitution after IPF General Assembly in 2016 in Orlando.

APF Board Member of Central Asia, Tatiana Romanova, and IPF president had several interviews for local sport TV and newspapers promoting the event and powerlifting in the region. They mentioned that activities in Kazakhstan such as organizing anti-doping educational programs, referee rule clinics and other important meetings are good steps taken closer to IOC Recognition.