About APF

The Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF) is an amateur association that aims to control, organize, and promote powerlifting in Asia. Founded in 1984 during the first Asian Powerlifting Championships in Indonesia, the AFP hopes to further develop friendship and cooperation among its members – national powerlifting associations in Asia and their lifters.


Membership is open to all national sport associations or federations promoting amateur powerlifting in Asia. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) recognizes only one member from each country or territory. Application for membership shall be made in writing and submitted to the Secretary General of the IPF. After affiliation is received from the IPF, AFP will grant membership in the Asian region.

Requirements for Membership Application

  • Request for affiliation signed by their president and secretary general.
  • A copy of their constitution
  • A list of their executive committee
  • Attestation from their national Olympic committee or highest sports authority certifying that they are recognized as the controlling body for powerlifting
  • Admission fee of US$ 300.00

Categories of AFP membership are full member, provisional member, and honorary member.

Having received all required documents, the national sport association or federation concerned shall be accepted as a provisional member by the decision of the executive board until the next congress which shall determine the membership. A provisional member shall become a full member by two thirds majority of votes cast at the APF congress.

Each full member and provisional member shall pay a subscription of US$ 200.00 annually.


Constitution of the APF can be downloaded here.


General Assembly Minutes of the APF can  be downloaded below: