Calendar of Events 2016-2017


Year Date Event Name Recognized By Location
2016 7th -12th June Powerlifting Championship IPF and APF India
2016 14th – 20th October Bench Press Championship IPF and APF Uzbekistan
2016 4th – 11th December Asia/Oceania Classic Powerlifting Championship & Bench Press Championships + Oceania Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships IPF and APF Christchurh, New Zealand
2017 1st – 5th May Asian Powerlifting Championships (Equipped) IPF and APF Indonesia
2017 6th – 12th September Asian Bench Press Championships (Equipped & Classic) IPF and APF Philippines
2017 4th – 8th December Asian Powerlifting Championships (Classic) IPF and APF Sri Lanka

TBC: To be confirmed